"Conversation: Malaysia", RAP at p-10 Singapore"

RAP was invited for a residency in August 2005 in Singapore. The residency project is titled 'Conversations: Malaysia ' which is initiated by p-10, an artist curatorial project team, and funded by ANA.

Meanwhile Chai Chang Hwang and Phuan Thai Meng whom are also RAP members were there for a longer individual artist residency under the same project.

The focus of the programme is on dialogue and exchange between the invited artists and the art (and general) community in Singapore. It was the first residency programme in Singapore and Malaysia that is specifically meant to further interaction and networking between contemporary visual artists in the two countries."

Reports by changhwang and thaimeng:

"1. Revisiting Singapore after 4 years since my last trip was a fruitful one.(though only a two day trip as I had to leave because of emergency matter)

Within the stay, some how I manage to have a quick glimpse on what is happening in Singapore art scene in comparing to our local art scene, particularly in the aspect of 'arts development in the support of government funding (from top to bottom).

Among some exciting encounters are: Da Wu's chat at hawker center where he shares his arts' projects n thoughts, Errata, casual meeting with p10 members at their studios and visiting STPI."

"2. Firstly, I would like to thank you P-10 for inviting me to take part in such a great event. Through this programme, I learn some elementary understanding on the efforts of Singapore government in developing itself to become the Art Centre of the Asian region.

During this programme, a very tight itinerary has been arranged, though tired, we managed to meet many art institutions and non-institutions of different levels (such as National Art Museum, Artist Run-space, colleges and independent researchers). Through the visits, the dynamic force of artistic development in Singapore can be easily felt. Regretfully, due to personal time limitations I cannot attend all but only a few dialogue and exchange. In attending the tour by Koh Nguang How in "Errata Show" and the lecture by Dang Da Wu, I learned lesson that personal effort is vital for success.

In conclusion, I felt one week is too short for me to contribute and conclude on the interaction and networking between contemporary arts in Singapore and Malaysia and hence I sincerely hope that there will be more future projects from P-10 on the artistic development.

Finally, again, I would like to thank you P-10 for inviting me to attend this great event, without your arrangement, we might not be able to access to many places such as STPI and etc.; besides that, also thank you P-10 for giving me a chance to exchange my video work with many Malaysian & Singaporean artists; at last, special thank you to Jennifer Teo whom has been a friendly guide to us during our stay in Singapore."

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